Diabetes DVD Review: Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

Simply Raw - Reverse Diabetes Video

Documentary follows six diabetics through 30 day program to reverse Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes through strict diet of raw foods. Incredible results documented.

Without a doubt, this is the most amazing video on diabetes treatment I have seen to date. The premise of the documentary is as simple as it is amazing… Six diabetics are followed through a 30 day program at the Tree of Life Institute in Arizona to “cure” their diabetes. Some are Type 1 diabetics, others Type 2. All of them are taking insulin, as well as a variety of other prescription drugs, upon arrival. The results are truly remarkable.

The program is fairly straight-forward. It mainly involves a radical change in diet. All of the participants must adhere to an all-vegan menu, sometimes referred to as raw foods or live foods. In a nutshell, this means avoiding all meat and animal products. No meat, eggs, cheese, dairy products or basically any food that is not derived from some sort of plant. The documentary doesn’t go into great detail about how the foods are prepared, but keeping it all vegan is the central point of the diet.

Although exercise is never expressly mentioned in the movie, it is quite apparent that each participant was encouraged to get a minimal amount of exercise each day as well.

reversing diabetes in 30 days on raw food dietIncredibly, after a mere few days, most of the diabetics are weaned off of insulin and their other medications almost entirely. Within a matter of weeks, each of them has lost a substantial amount of weight as well as being in much better overall shape. It is clearly not an easy diet to stick to, which makes the program’s rural setting almost a necessity. It reminds one a bit of “fat camp”.

Slowly, but surely, the blood glucose levels of each of the patients measurably decreases. Within weeks, those who stuck to the program saw their blood sugar levels drop to normal. All without the aid of insulin or the other prescription diabetes drugs they had been taking prior to their arrival. It’s important to note that not everyone who began the program was able to stick to it for the entire 30 days. All of those who strictly adhered to the diet had normal blood glucose levels by the end of the 30 days though.

About the only shortcoming of this documentary was in the follow-up after treatment. Were those who had gone through the 30 day program able to maintain their low blood glucose levels without the use of drugs? Unfortunately, only a few minutes of the film was dedicated to following up those who had completed the program.

Raw food diet used to reverse diabetesStill, the results after 30 days simply speak for themselves. This is not some sort of “miracle” cure that works overnight by popping some pills or taking an injection. It obviously involves a substantial lifestyle change in order to maintain low blood sugar levels and good health. It seems like a small price to pay though in exchange for what at least one person in the program referred to as a second chance at life. Indeed, many of those who started the program were in rapidly declining health and headed for much more serious complications down the road.

The one bone I have to pick with the program itself is that it claims to reverse diabetes. That sounds an awful lot like a claim of curing diabetes. I don’t think that any of the participants in the program were actually “cured” though. They all still have diabetes. It is simply under control — as long as they stick to the diet, it would seem.

It’s also worth noting that the producers of the documentary have also constructed a pretty amazing website, with plenty of information about the film, online videos and a lot of companion material to go along with the DVD. We haven’t had a chance to review any of the other material as of yet, but will be doing so shortly. You can access their website at: http://rawfor30days.com .

If you, or someone you love, has diabetes, this DVD is certainly well worth buying. I’ve already watched it a couple of times, and it always proves to be truly inspiring.

– WVH, Editor, freediabetestestsupplies.com