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Free diabetic test supplies to be taxes

The End of Free Diabetes Test Supplies?

Free diabetes test supplies, including blood glucose meters and test strips may become a thing of the past under new medical devices tax. Diabetics in the United States looking for free test supplies and blood glucose meters, which have been commonplace in the medical industry here for many years, may […]

Free Blood Glucose Meter From Abbott Diabetes Care

How to get free blood glucose meter and ongoing support from manufacturer with insurance co-pay assistance. Completely free, no need to be enrolled in Medicare. We have found a new source for obtaining a free blood glucose meter without having to buy anything, be on Medicare or give out sensitive […]

Where To Find Discounts On Prescription Diabetes Medications

Don’t have health insurance? Where to find discounts on prescription diabetes medications online. Free discount card saves money on most diabetic medications. Diabetes is not only one of the nation’s fastest growing epidemics, it is also easily one of the most expensive diseases to treat with modern medicine. With the […]

watch free diabetes treatment videos

Free Stuff For Diabetics, Discount Coupon For Insulin Treatment

Free diabetic meal planning guide, blood glucose log sheets, discount coupons for insulin and other diabetic supplies, free diabetes health evaluation, more! World Diabetes Day is being held on November 14, 2010, and a number of companies are getting the word out by offering generous discounts on diabetes test supplies […]

free blood glucose test strips

Free Blood Glucose Monitors At Walgreen’s: What’s The Catch?

Free blood glucose monitor & free test strips at Walgreen’s, but there’s a catch. Why free blood glucose monitors might not be the best option for diabetics. Diabetics have a large array of options available to them today when it comes to buying blood glucose monitors. While many brand name […]


Diabetics: Get Free Health Care, Drugs With Clinical Trials

Diabetics: How to get free health care benefits, test supplies, prescription medications and medical treatment with free clinical trials. Find local trials. One subject that we explore briefly in our online resource guide Where to Get Free Diabetes Test Supplies and Diabetic Testing is free clinical trials of new diabetes […]

free-antibiotics for diabetics

Free Diabetes Drugs Now Available at Some Pharmacies

Diabetics can now get free refills of diabetes medications such as Metaformin at a growing list of local pharmacies. Find where to get free diabetes medications. It was less than two years ago that prescription drug superstores such as Walmart, Target and Walgreen’s began offering the public dramatically reduced prices […]

Free Blood Glucose Monitor and Test Strips available at Rite-Aid For Diabetics

Free Blood Glucose Monitor, Test Strips at Rite Aid Pharmacies

Rite Aid is currently offering a free blood glucose monitor with 10 free test strips for diabetics. The package retails for $9.99 with an accompanying rebate. Rite-Aid’s True To Go blood glucose monitor seems to be the same model that is marketed under private labels for a number of different […]

Free Assistance for Type 1 Diabetics

How To Get Free Test Strips: Blood Glucose Test Strips For Free

Diabetic test strips and non-prescription diabetic test supplies offered free through group helping Type 1 diabetics without insurance or who can’t afford them. This resource will soon be added to our growing list of Where to Get Free Diabetes Test Supplies and Diabetic Testing, but we wanted to first announce […]

Cheap insulin alternative

How To Save On Insulin: U-500 Insulin Could Save You A Bundle!

How to save money by using little-known form of prescription insulin treatment in concentrated form. Eli Lilly manufactures U-500 insulin at 5x normal strength. We receive a lot of feedback from our readers as well as links to websites containing articles that we think may be of interest to those […]

Diabetic drugs really from Canada or India?

Free Diabetes Testing Supplies For Canadians? Not Really.

Although Canada has so-called “free” universal health care for its citizens, diabetics may have to pay for their own diabetic testing supplies & diabetes drugs. Many of us in the United States seem to envy the Canadian health care system. The few details that are passed on to us by […]

Comparison of costs of different test strips

Diabetic Testing Supplies: Great Discount On Test Strips Found

A great deal on diabetic test strips submitted to us by one of our readers. Plus a coupon code to save you an additional 10%! Cheapest test strips we’ve found! As a follow-up to last week’s article on how to find inexpensive blood glucose testing strips, we’ve found yet another […]