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Diabetes Videos

Researchers at the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) in Florida make progress towards perfecting a surgical procedure that places a small, artificial pancreas in the body to eliminate the effects of diabetes.

Study Shows Vitamin C Helps Diabetics: Researchers at University of Oklahoma study the effects of Vitamin C and antioxidants on helping to reverse damage done to the circulatory system in diabetics. Vitamin C is shown to be beneficial in helping to repair blood vessels damaged by Type 2 diabetes.

How To Spot Symptoms of Diabetes: Video outlines the symptoms of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. How to know if you have diabetes and get testing.

Using A Home Glucose Monitor: Home glucose monitoring. Why it is important. How to use meters effectively. What your blood sugar monitor can tell you, and how to use them to adjust your daily meal planning and exercise.

Bariatric Surgery for the Treatment of Diabetes: Using bariatric surgery, or gastric bypass, as a treatment for diabetes and obesity.

Diabetes and Diet: How diet affects your diabetes and the most effective diet for diabetics and weight reduction. Carbohydrate counting.

Monitoring Your Blood Sugar: Details generic instructions on how to use most blood glucose monitoring devices. Gives detailed instructions on best areas to test for blood samples, how to use a lancing device, handling test strips, proper procedure for getting a proper blood sample. The video goes into painstaking detail on every aspect of using a blood glucose monitor.

Insulin, Glucose and You: Explains how insulin and glucose interact with one another. How the pancreas creates insulin. What effect diabetes has on insulin, glucose, blood and cells.

What’s the Best Exercise For Type 2 Diabetics? New study shows that a combination of resistance or strength training combined with aerobic exercise provides the best results for diabetics when it comes to lowering A1C blood glucose levels and losing weight.

A Humorous Look at Diabetes: A clever YouTube mashup of the famous Wilfred Brimley Liberty Medical Supply TV commercials, set to rap music! Diabetes is no laughing matter, except maybe in this case.