Free Blood Glucose Monitor, Test Strips at Rite Aid Pharmacies

Rite Aid is currently offering a free blood glucose monitor with 10 free test strips for diabetics. The package retails for $9.99 with an accompanying rebate.

Free Blood Glucose Monitor and Test Strips available at Rite-Aid For Diabetics
Rite-Aid’s True To Go blood glucose monitor seems to be the same model that is marketed under private labels for a number of different companies. Mostly pharmacies. The same unit (without the Rite-Aid logo) sells for $7.99 on Amazon.Com, but Amazon does not provide a rebate on the product.

Obviously, the 10 free test strips will not last very long for most diabetics. We did not spot the retail price of test strips for the meter at our local Rite-Aid, but they can be found online from a number of retailers for around 40 cents per test strip. We have tried these units ourselves at home with good results.

Unlike most of the free blood glucose monitors you will find, the cost of refill test strips for these devices is fairly cheap. You can find them online at retailers such as Amazon.Com or American Diabetes Wholesale. Both of these online retailers offer significant discounts on refill test strips for the True To Go meter if you buy in quantity. No matter where you buy them from though, they run roughly half the cost (or much less) than test strips sold by larger manufacturers. Most of the well-known, “brand name” test strips retail for around $1 each.

So, if you’re looking for a free blood glucose monitor and don’t mind having to wait for a rebate in the mail, the Rite-Aid offer is a pretty good deal.