Free Diabetes Drugs Now Available at Some Pharmacies

Diabetics can now get free refills of diabetes medications such as Metaformin at a growing list of local pharmacies. Find where to get free diabetes medications.

free-antibiotics for diabeticsIt was less than two years ago that prescription drug superstores such as Walmart, Target and Walgreen’s began offering the public dramatically reduced prices on hundreds of generic prescription drugs, many of which help to treat diabetes and its complications.

For as little as $4 per month, per prescription, those who could not afford health care insurance were finally obtain needed medications at an affordable price. To date, these private health offers have saved consumers millions of dollars.

Now, some pharmacy chain stores are going one step further, and offering completely free diabetes medications for their prescription customers. The number of pharmacies participating is small at the moment, but has been gathering steam quickly the past few months.

At the moment, all of the chain pharmacies offering free diabetes medications we have found seem to be limited to the Eastern half of the United States. We have not yet found any participating pharmacies on the West coast. For those of you who take prescription medications for diabetes and do live in an area where these free offers are available, it would obviously be wise to take advantage of them though.

So, What’s The Catch

Basically, there is none. The medications you will receive for free are the same ones that other pharmacies currently charge for. With the pharmacy business growing more competitive by the day, retailers are looking for ways to lure new customers into their stores. So, they are giving diabetes (and occasionally antibiotics as well) medications away as a loss leader, hoping that customers will by other drugs there as well. That’s probably a safe bet on their part, since most diabetics take a variety of other drugs for complications related to diabetes.

Below is a list of pharmacies currently offering free diabetes prescription medications. If/when we find more, they will be added to this page at a later date. Be sure to follow our mailing list or RSS news feed for the latest updates.

meijer-free-diabetes-medicationsMeijer Pharmacy
Pharmacy Locations: Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky
Details: Offers free refills of Metaformin as well as some antibiotics and free blood glucose meters

free-diabetic-medications-at-publixPublix Supermarkets
Pharmacy Locations: Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia
Details: Offers free refills of Metaformin, free blood glucose meter, discounts of diabetes test supplies

Price Chopper offers free diabetic medications like Glipizide

Price Chopper Pharmacy
Pharmacy Locations: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont
Details: Offers free refills of Metformin, Metformin ER, Glimepiride, Glipizide, Glipizide XL, Glyburide, Glyburide Micro, Price Chopper Ultra Thin Lancets and Auto Lancing Device

Where to get free diabetic medicationsGiant Eagle Supermarkets
Pharmacy Locations: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia
Details: Free refills of Chlorpropamide, Glimepiride, Glipizide, Glyburide and Metformin and antibiotics at some stores.

Free diabetes prescriptions at Shop RiteShop Rite Pharmacies
Pharmacy Locations: Maryland, Deleware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut
Details: Provides free refills of generic diabetes medications, including Glimepiride, Glipizide, Glipizide XL, Glyburide MCR, Metaformin and Metaformin ER. Also provides free refills of certain antibiotics.

This article was originally posted on July 16, 2010