Free Stuff For Diabetics, Discount Coupon For Insulin Treatment

Free diabetic meal planning guide, blood glucose log sheets, discount coupons for insulin and other diabetic supplies, free diabetes health evaluation, more!

World Diabetes Day is being held on November 14, 2010, and a number of companies are getting the word out by offering generous discounts on diabetes test supplies and treatments as well as offering coupons and freebies. Below are a few of the offers we have come across this past week:

free insulin couponThe manufacturers of Lantus are offering diabetics a free diabetic meal planning guide as well as free blood glucose log sheets and a coupon good for (up to) $25 off your next purchase of the Lantus Solostar disposable insulin injection pen. This product is only available by prescription, so you will need to get one from your Doctor prior to using the coupon. The offer is good through December 31, 2010. Download free materials and coupons at

Elotin discountsEastwood Bio-Medical Research, manufacturer of Elotin, is offering diabetics a free health evaluation via the Internet. Everyone taking part in the offer will receive a coupon good for $75 off their next phone order of the company’s natural treatments for diabetes, plus a free pair of Pedo Protection Socks valued at $30. For more information, see the company’s website at

American Diabetes Wholesale has a number of special offers on their website that will only be available on November 14th and 15th. In addition, they have lowered prices on 20 of their best-selling diabetes test supplies products for the entire month of November. Since they already have some of the best deals to be found on diabetic test supplies (we even use them ourselves), it’s a great opportunity to stock up and save before the holidays hit. You can find the company’s special offers and coupon codes for November at

QualityHealth.Com is offering a free diabetic friendly recipes book when you join their mailing list at

free diabetes discount cardRx Discount Card is an interesting service we stumbled upon that not only offers a free discount card for prescription drugs, but also provides an easy way to compare the pricing of prescription medications based upon where you live. The free discount card can be printed directly from the website. It costs nothing and has no expiration date. However, the real value we found in this service is the ability to check prices for prescription drugs at local pharmacies just by entering the drug name and your zip code. Up to 20 different pharamcies will be listed, along with their prices on the medication you are looking for. To get your free Rx Discount Card or to use their drug cost comparison service just go to

watch free diabetes treatment videosRawForThirty, the producers of the documentary film Raw For 30 Days, is pulling out all the stops to promote World Diabetes Day by releasing a multi-part video series this month that is available for download free on their website. If you are unfamiliar with the documentary, it follows the paths of several diabetics who accept a challenge to eat nothing but raw food (a vegan diet) for 30 days, to see how it will affect their diabetes. The results are nothing short of amazing. Most of the participants were able to completely eliminate using all of their diabetes medications, as well as stopping insulin injections, within a matter of weeks. Even Type 1 diabetics seem to have been completely “cured” of their diabetes once beginning this plan. The new video series features interviews with a number of Physicians, celebrities and experts in the field of diabetes treatment and nutrition, explaining how raw, or living foods, can be used to help improve or even reverse diabetes and its various complications. It’s definitely worth your time, if you haven’t seen any of this material before. To access the free videos, just connect to their website at

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