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Free Blood Glucose Meter From Abbott Diabetes Care

How to get free blood glucose meter and ongoing support from manufacturer with insurance co-pay assistance. Completely free, no need to be enrolled in Medicare. We have found a new source for obtaining a free blood glucose meter without having to buy anything, be on Medicare or give out sensitive […]

Free Blood Glucose Monitor and Test Strips available at Rite-Aid For Diabetics

Free Blood Glucose Monitor, Test Strips at Rite Aid Pharmacies

Rite Aid is currently offering a free blood glucose monitor with 10 free test strips for diabetics. The package retails for $9.99 with an accompanying rebate. Rite-Aid’s True To Go blood glucose monitor seems to be the same model that is marketed under private labels for a number of different […]

Diabetic drugs really from Canada or India?

Free Diabetes Testing Supplies For Canadians? Not Really.

Although Canada has so-called “free” universal health care for its citizens, diabetics may have to pay for their own diabetic testing supplies & diabetes drugs. Many of us in the United States seem to envy the Canadian health care system. The few details that are passed on to us by […]

Comparison of costs of different test strips

Diabetic Testing Supplies: Great Discount On Test Strips Found

A great deal on diabetic test strips submitted to us by one of our readers. Plus a coupon code to save you an additional 10%! Cheapest test strips we’ve found! As a follow-up to last week’s article on how to find inexpensive blood glucose testing strips, we’ve found yet another […]

discounted diabetic test strips

Diabetic Supplies: Finding Discounted Blood Glucose Test Strips

Diabetic testing supplies such as blood glucose test strips can be expensive. You can save money by using these tips to find discounted and free test strips. We recently discovered a new source for finding discounted blood glucose test strips. A word of caution though, these strips are not sold […]

diabetes free foods

“Free” Diabetes Foods That Won’t Raise Blood Glucose Levels

Blood glucose levels can go up or down depending on which foods you eat. Diabetes “Free” foods can be eaten without raising blood glucose levels significantly. Not surprisingly, the majority of foods that will not greatly affect your blood glucose levels fall into the vegetable category. Most vegetables are low […]

Simply Raw - Reverse Diabetes Video

Diabetes DVD Review: Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

Documentary follows six diabetics through 30 day program to reverse Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes through strict diet of raw foods. Incredible results documented. Without a doubt, this is the most amazing video on diabetes treatment I have seen to date. The premise of the documentary is as simple […]

Diabetes Daily Upgrades Online Diabetes Testing Tools

Diabetes Daily website supplies free online tools for diabetics. Improved functions import and export blood glucose meter tests and display test results online. On Wednesday the website Diabetes Daily rolled out a new version of the Diabetes Daily Tools. It includes hundreds of improvements and bug fixes including: * Fast […]

Diabetes News Updates Now On Twitter

Want to get the latest headlines on diabetes issues delivered straight to your computer or cellphone? You can now access headlines from late breaking stories at FreeDiabetesTestSupplies.Com using Twitter! Our new Twitter URL is at: Twitter – DiabeticTesting You can also follow us via our RSS news reader feed at […]

Phony Diabetes Medication Websites Shut Down In China

Chinese Regulators close websites selling diabetes drugs illegally on the Internet. Counterfeit medications sold online to unsuspecting diabetics for treatment. China’s State Food and Drug Administration announced on October 14th, 2009, that it had shut down five websites in that country that were selling medications, drugs and diabetes treatments without […]