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Free Blood Glucose Monitors At Walgreen’s: What’s The Catch?

Free blood glucose monitor & free test strips at Walgreen’s, but there’s a catch. Why free blood glucose monitors might not be the best option for diabetics. Diabetics have a large array of options available to them today when it comes to buying blood glucose monitors. While many brand name […]

Free Blood Glucose Monitor and Test Strips available at Rite-Aid For Diabetics

Free Blood Glucose Monitor, Test Strips at Rite Aid Pharmacies

Rite Aid is currently offering a free blood glucose monitor with 10 free test strips for diabetics. The package retails for $9.99 with an accompanying rebate. Rite-Aid’s True To Go blood glucose monitor seems to be the same model that is marketed under private labels for a number of different […]

Free Assistance for Type 1 Diabetics

How To Get Free Test Strips: Blood Glucose Test Strips For Free

Diabetic test strips and non-prescription diabetic test supplies offered free through group helping Type 1 diabetics without insurance or who can’t afford them. This resource will soon be added to our growing list of Where to Get Free Diabetes Test Supplies and Diabetic Testing, but we wanted to first announce […]

discounted diabetic test strips

Diabetic Supplies: Finding Discounted Blood Glucose Test Strips

Diabetic testing supplies such as blood glucose test strips can be expensive. You can save money by using these tips to find discounted and free test strips. We recently discovered a new source for finding discounted blood glucose test strips. A word of caution though, these strips are not sold […]