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Diabetics: Get Free Health Care, Drugs With Clinical Trials

Diabetics: How to get free health care benefits, test supplies, prescription medications and medical treatment with free clinical trials. Find local trials. One subject that we explore briefly in our online resource guide Where to Get Free Diabetes Test Supplies and Diabetic Testing is free clinical trials of new diabetes […]

New “Miracle” Surgery Used to Replace Pancreas and Cure Diabetes

A cure for diabetes that transplants cells from a damaged pancreas into the liver is successful, producing insulin for diabetic patient in U.S., claim Doctors. December 15, 2009, Washington, D.C. – A revolutionary new surgery has been performed for the first time in the United States to replace a destroyed […]

Phony Diabetes Medication Websites Shut Down In China

Chinese Regulators close websites selling diabetes drugs illegally on the Internet. Counterfeit medications sold online to unsuspecting diabetics for treatment. China’s State Food and Drug Administration announced on October 14th, 2009, that it had shut down five websites in that country that were selling medications, drugs and diabetes treatments without […]

Scientists Close To A Diabetes Cure? Doubtful

EmpowHer, AZ “They” always seem to be so close to finding a cure or vaccination or inoculation or promising treatment but where are they? A couple of years ago my son was diagnosed with Diabetes (a story for another day) and as soon as I heard the news all I could […]